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Business Corner Free Documentation

Business Corner Free Documentation

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Business Corner Free Documentation – ThemesCorners || Free and Premium Themes

Theme Installation

To install the Business Corner Theme you must first have a working WordPress(.org) installation. For information on installing WordPress, please see Installing WordPress, from the WordPress Codex. Once WordPress has been set up in your hosting environment, you can install your theme one of two ways:

How To Install WordPress?

Two Type to upload Theme

(A) File Uploading: download and unzip your theme folder, and using the FTP program of your choice upload the theme folder to the ‘../wp-content/themes/’ folder on your server.

(B) WordPress Dashboard: download your theme and sign into your WordPress dashboard (e.g., yourdomain.com/wp-admin). Navigate to Appearance → Themes → Add New → Upload, and select your zipped theme folder, click “Install Now”. Once the theme is uploaded you will need to activate it.

Themescorner Themes
Themescorner Themes

Now the theme is successfully installed on our site, step up to the next step.

Set Home Page

(A) Create New page and set the name as Home.
(B) Select the Home template from templetes.
(C) Save the page.

Themescorner Themes

You Can Select the page by the Setting -> Reading -> Front Page Display

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